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X-DSM Euro/US Docsis

X-DSM Euro/US Docsis

DOCSISĀ® and Ethernet Status Monitor

X-DSM Euro/US Docsis
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Alpha’s AlphaNet family of networking products including the DOCSIS and Ethernet Status Module (DSM and ESM) broadband power communication card enables Alpha’s XM2 UPS to connect directly to a network with standard Ethernet, a user supplied cable modem or an embedded cable modem. Advanced features and networking services enable quick reporting and access to critical powering information to keep your broadband network running.

The AlphaNet family of products supports all standard networking protocols and standards required for effective power network management. Through a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface, standard MIBs are used for quick, effi cient network status and diagnostics. A WEB interface enables any authorized personnel direct access to powerful, advanced diagnostics using a common web browser. No proprietary software required. A single DSM/ESM installed in an XM2 supports communications and system control for multiple XM2 power supplies.

  • Network enables the Alpha XM2, XM2VP, GMX and VMX Broadband UPS
  • power supplies, no additional power supply interface cards required.
  • Supports standard networking protocols including SNMPv1 and v2c
  • Embedded WEB server for direct unit diagnostics
  • Embedded DOCSIS or EuroDOCSIS cable modem or direct Ethernet interface
  • to user-supplied modem
  • Directly monitor up to two 36V or 48V battery strings
  • Standard ANSI/SCTE MIBs
  • Craft port provides local technician access

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Network Interface Card Specifications
Power Supples Supported: XM2, XM2VP, GMX, VMX
Network Connection: RJ-45, MDI standard 10 BASE-T auto-sensing (ESM models only)
RF Connection: F-connector, female, 75ohm (DSM models only)
LED Indicators: Alarm, Ready, Comm, Link, DS, REG
Tamper: 2 pin header
Battery Input A/B: 8 pin, female connector, string A and B, 36V or 48V voltage monitoring
Battery Input C/D: 8 pin, female connector, string C and D, 36V or 48V voltage monitoring (optional)
Mulit-Device Communications: RJ-12 offset, RS-485 multidrop,
Communication and system control for multiple XM2 Power Supplies
Craft Port: RJ-12, RS-232, 19.2,N,8,1
Requires serial port adaptor for laptop connection
Access to power supply MIB data and network parameters
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C / -40°F to 185°F
Humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Emmissions: EN50022 Class A1 FCC Part 15 Class A1
Warranty: 2 years
Network Communications
Network Protocols: IP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, TFTP
SNMP: v1, v2c
Embedded Web Interface: Read access MIB variables,
Read-Write access networking parameters
MIBs: Power Supply (ANSI/SCTE 38-4)
Property (ANSI/SCTE 38-1)
Alpha Proprietary Advanced UPS Diagnostics
Power Supply Monitored Parameters
Major Alarm: Logical (OR) of: test fail, battery fail, line isolation alarm, output overload,
inverter over temperature, N+1 active, fuse fail
Minor Alarm: Logical (OR) of: temperature probe error, AC line loss, N+1 error
Input Line Voltage: 90-270Vac 50/60Hz measured value
Output Voltage: 60/90Vac measured value
Output Current 1: 0 to 25A measured value
Output Current 2,3,4: 0 to 25A measured value (if optional ports installed)
Output Power: Calculated, reported in AC Watts
UPS Status: AC line, Standby, Test in-process, Test Alarm
Enclosure Door: Open/Closed
Battery Voltage: 6V or 12V batteries, up to 16 batteries
Individual battery voltages measured reported to ±100mv resolution
Battery Temperature: Measured, repoted in Celcius
Remote Test Control: Start/Stop XM2 self test cycle
Embedded Cable Modem (DSM Models Only)
Standards: DOCSIS 2.0
EuroDOCSIS 2.0
Tx Frequency Range: 5 to 42MHz DOCSIS
5 to 65MHz EuroDOCSIS
Output Power: 8 to 58dBmV
Channel Bandwidth: 6MHz DOCSIS
Receive Center Frequency Range: 91 to 857MHz DOCSIS
108 to 862MHz EuroDOCSIS
Input Level: -15 to 15dBmV