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P45 Battery Charger

P45 Battery Charger

Automatic Battery Charger

P45 Battery Charger
Data sheet
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Alpha Industrial Powers P45 Industrial Battery Charger incorporates the latest digital and power electronics technologies, making it one of the most reliable battery chargers available. The unique SCR rectifier with a double wound isolation transformer provides precise regulated DC output and current limiting capabilities. Three different output-filtering configurations are available to match powering requirements. The P45's graphical Interface, with its user definable controls and alarm set-points, allows the charger to be customized for the appropriate application. Approved for UL, CE, CSA and EMC standards.

  • Designed with the latest digital power electronics in the market
  • Microprocessor control
  • Provides regulated DC output and current limiting capabilities
  • Graphical interface allows for customization to individual applications
  • Wide temperature range 0 to 50°C
  • Approved for UL, CE, CSA, and EMC standards

Technical data

Metering and Control
Standard Features   Optional Features
Metering and Timing 0.5 % Accuracy DC voltage and current metering
Remaining and elapsed equalize time
Individual alarms form C contacts
Audible alarm
RS 232 / 485 communication ports
Manual voltage control
Modbus on serial ports
Input harmonic filter to comply with CE
SNMP interface 50Hz or 400 Hz
Input frequency
DC circuit breaker
Low DC volts load disconnect (load shedding)
Negative temperature compensation 0.2%/C
End of discharge alarm
Distribution panel Negative slope for equal load sharing
High capacity interrupting current CBs
Battery discharging alarm
High temperature alarm and shut-down
Battery high temperature alarm and shutdown
High volts shutdown via the AC breaker trip Battery ammeter and voltmeter
AC input volts, amps and frequency readings
Ampere-hour meter reading battery capacity % or AH
High and low AC input voltage alarm
DC distribution panel
High ripple alarm
Oversized cabinets to fit batteries in separate compartments
Power factor correction to 0.95 lagging
Special paint and NEMA / IP protection
Remote voltage sensing terminals
Seismic design
Remote shutdown and equalize control
Fungus proofing and tropicalization
Special Wiring
Control Modes: Manual float / Equalize toggle
Control Adjustments
(Password Protected)
Float and equalize voltage
Current limit
Equalize period 0-100 hours
Float period 0-100 days
Equalize mode termination based on voltage, time and/or low DC volts event(s)
lndicating LEDs On green LED
Common alarm flashing red LED
Alarm Menu Indications Charger failure based on low volts & low output
DC current
High DC volts
Low DC volts
Positive ground fault
Negative ground fault
AC Fail
Alarm Menu Functions
(Password Protected)
Adjustable alarm time delay
Indications latch
Alarm relays latch
Alarm acknowledgment
Alarm levels adjustment
LED, LCD and relay test
Remote Indications All alarms are wired to a common voltage free
N.O. and C. dry contacts
Standard voltages 110, 120, 208, 220, 240, 380, 400, 480, 550, 575, and 600 VAC
Phases 1 and 3 phase
Frequency 50 Hz or 60Hz
Power factor 0.75 (1 phase), 0.85 (3 phase) at full load when tested on battery and resistive load
Efficiency at full load Typical 87% (1 phase), 90%(3 phase)
Standard nominal voltages 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 125, 250, 380, 480 and 600 VDC
Power From 60 W to 180 kW Standard
AC ripple voltage


1 or 2% RMS when charger connected to a battery capacity 4 times its current 30mVrms / 32dBrnc weighted electrical voice band noise for up to 48VDC, 100mV for 125VD

Static regulation < 0.5% for simultaneous variations of +10/-12% Input voltage, +/- 5% Input frequency and 0-100% load
Dynamic regulation "+/-6% from 10%-90% and 90%-10% load Variation (t< 300msec)"
Parallel Operation  Similar chargers can be operated in Random Parallel
EMC Conducted (150kHz-30mHz) and radiated (30MHz-1GHz): en55011 class A
Electrostatic discharge EN61000 4-2 level 2/3 (4kV contact, 8kV air)
Radiated susceptibility: EN61000-4-3 level 3 annex D (80MHz- 1GHz @ 10V/m)
Electrical fast transient: EN61000
Over-current Soft start-- Automatic current limiting circuit, adjustable from 20% to 120% of nominal rating-¬Input thermal-magnetic circuit breaker and DC output fuse standard
Voltage Transients Surge suppression on Input and output reverse polarity
Mechanical and Physical:
Enclosure CEMA/NEMA1 (IP20), 14GA (2mm) steel C/W hinged front access door
Finish Phosphatised and primed prior to painting with ASA61, light gray
Cooling Natural convection cooling up to 130 A output current
Forced air cooling assistance for units over 130 A output current
N.B. Floor mounted models are provided with 3 in. (75mm) clearance at bottom to facilitate handling by litt truck, pallet jack, or slings.
Audible Noise 45 to 65 dBa at 3ft (1 meter) rating dependant
Operating Temperature Range 32°F to +122°F (-00C to 50°C)/Storage -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Temperature De-Rating 0.83% / °F from 122°F to 140°F (1.5%/ °C from 50°C to 60°C)
Operating Humidity Up to 95% (non condensing)
Altitude De-Rating 0% for 1st 3300ft (1000m), 7% per 3300ft (1000m) over 3300ft (1000m)

Basic Design Features

ULJANSI 1012 Listed, CSA C22.2 107.2 Certified and applicable IEC standard compliant
ISO 9002-1994 Quality control compliant
SCR (Thyristor) based rectifier c./w double wound isolation transformer
Electronic control, current limiting and voltage regulation
Alarm log, history and events
Modular construction using the latest power and microelectronic devices
Color coded PVC copper stranded wire for control and signals
30 year design, MTBF of 100 000 hours typical, MTTR less than 1 hour