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Cordex™ CXCI

Cordex™ CXCI

Integrated System Controller CXCI

Cordex™ CXCI
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The Cordex CXCI controller brings advanced monitoring technology to the Cordex series of rectifiers. This compact system controller is designed for seamless operation and set up of Argus power systems and is equipped with the complete range of Cordex software features.

The integral CXCI controller includes a web server, providing easy set up of remote monitoring using the standard Windows Internet Explorer browser and an internet connection. The CXCI log provides detailed site problem and performance analysis, which can be viewed either locally or remotely via the web interface.

Optional smart peripheral modules support devices for 2 or 12V battery cell monitoring, providing detailed battery performance logging during a fail-safe battery test or power outage. The integrated logging feature, typically only available with an advanced standalone data logging system, allows the capture of data from multiple inputs for AC/DC voltages, load / battery current, and cell voltages/temperatures (automatically for up to 16 user defined logs). Common applications of the CXCI logging include power system details, thermal performance of outdoor enclosures, battery cell specifics, or mains variations captured by an AC voltage watchdog.

The Cordex CXCI integrated system controller ensures effortless operation of the Cordex rectifier family. Time consuming, complicated set up and monitoring of DC power systems are now a thing of the past.

  • Control and monitor via Internet Explorer browser
  • Integrated SNMP
  • High reliability CAN bus communication
  • User definable alarms and data logging
  • Flexible battery management features
  • Smart peripheral monitoring features

Technical data   

Cordex CXCI System Controller 

Rectifier Features 
Single Point Adjustment
Auto Load Share
Plug & Play
Power Save
Power on Delay Start
Upgradable Firmware via CXCI

Battery Features
Temperature Compensation
Manual,Auto & Periodic Equalize
Battery Current Terminate Equalize
Battery Over Temp Equalize Shutoff
Dynamic Charge Current Control
Battery Runtime & Capacity Indication
Battery Low Capacity Warning
Auto or Manual Battery Test Mode
Smart Peripheral Module for 2V & 12V Battery Cell Monitor

System Features
CAN Bus interface to Cordex rectifiers and Smart Peripheral modules
Power On System Delay Start
Password Protection
Virtual Rectifier, Battery & Shunt Addition Current
I/O for 2 Temp Inputs, 2 Digital Inputs and 4 Form-C Relays
User Configurable Signals
Languages for English, Chinese & 3rd Language option
User Configurable Alarms
Downloadable Software Upgrades

User Interface
Ethernet Connection
Web Based GUI
Internet Browser
Email Notifications
Web Server

Communication Ports
CAN: Interface to Cordex series rectifiers and optional smart peripheral modules
Ethernet: 10/100 Base T With half/full duplex

Log Files
Daily Statistics:
Minimum, maximum and average on analogue input channels with date and time stamp
Battery current, rectifier current and AC mains voltage for last 90days.
Event Log:
On all events such as alarms, power on, any chance of state of the digital inputs or other miscellaneous events.
Battery Log: Battery health history on last 20 discharges with time on discharge and battery capacity.
Data Logging: Up to 16 user configurable logs of all system signals including Smart peripheral modules.

Configurable Alarms

Alarms can be Mapped as Major, Minor or Message


Rectifier Major/minor
Multiple and Individual Rectifier Fail
Rectifier Communications Lost
Rectifier Equalize Activated
Rectifier MAins Fails
Rectifier Fan Fail Alarm
Rectifier Power Save Activated
Urgent AC Mains Fail Timer

Battery Run Time Low
Battery Capacity Low
Battery Over Temperature
Battery on Discharge
Temp Sensor Fail
System: AC Mains High/Low Alarm
High/Low Voltage Alarm
High/Low Voltage 2 Alarm
Charge Current High
Digital Input Alarms (editable text label)
Real Time Clock Error
Invalid Device Firmware
Improper CXCI Shutdown

Smart Periheral Modules
Shunt multiplexer: Monitors up to 16 shunts per module
Battery cell monitor: BCM2V 1 string of 2V cells per module
BCM12V 4 strings of 12V cells per module