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Cordex™ 48V 2.0kW HP

Cordex™ 48V 2.0kW HP

Modular Switched Mode Rectifier

Cordex™ 48V 2.0kW HP
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Cordex rectifiers bring advanced technology to the DC power industry. Innovative engineering combines the best in efficiency and reliability meeting the power requirements for a variety of system applications.

With more than 9kW per 23" shelf, the fan cooled Cordex 1.8kW rectifier has extremely high density providing the most power in the least amount of space. A compact 2RU design accommodates five rectifiers per 23" shelf and four rectifiers per 19" shelf with integrated CXCI controller. An optional CXCM2 controller with touch screen display is available.

Local and remote setup, adjustment, and control is a simple single-step process with the Cordex CXC System Controller. By utilizing TCP/IP technology, complete configuration and monitoring of power equipment is possible through a network web browser.

  • Available in 37.5A @ 48VDC
  • High power density
  • Power limiting and wide range AC input
  • 91% efficiency and power factor correction
  • Hot swappable, 2RU ultra compact design