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Battery Heater Mats

Battery Heater Mats

Extends Battery Runtime in Cold Weather

Battery Heater Mats
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Alpha's battery heater mats are designed with safety and effi ciency in mind. Alpha's battery heater mats are a low-cost way of keeping backup batteries operating at their optimal temperature, maintaining battery backup performance at >70% of nominal levels at temperatures below 32°F/0°C. The heater mats' insulated bottoms ensure that energy is directed to the batteries and not wasted heating the enclosure. Their durable polyester outer shells protect the heating elements from damage; their redundant thermal control protection ensures against overheating; and their fused power input protects against shorts. Alpha battery heater mats are a smart addition to any backup power system.

  • Durable polyester construction
  • Sealed on-mat electronics for maximum protection
  • On-mat thermal switch and thermal fuse for redundant safety
  • Insulated design directs heat to the batteries not the enclosure for a 30%
  • reduction in power consumption
  • Piggyback plug standard on 120V models

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Available configurations

BHM-IX3-120/BHM-IX3-240PME, PWE-3, PWE-6, PWE-9, UPE-3, UPE-6, PN-3, PN-4, UPE-M3/M6, BE-PME, BE-PWE
BHM-2X2-120/BHM-2X2-240PWE-4, PWE-8, UPE-4, UPE-8, UPE-M8
BHM-PN48-120/BHM-PN48-240PN-4, PN-3