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Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Surge Protection
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Alpha’s surge protection devices provide reliable protection of power supplies and related equipment from the damaging powerline disturbances common to cable TV and broadband applications. The LA and ISA Series incorporate Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) that effectively limit voltage surges and absorb excessive energy levels. Housed in durable polymer casings with standard electrical plugs, the LA Series plugs directly into any electrical outlet, while the ISA is factory wired into the service entrance.

  • Critical protection from voltage transients
  • Modular and hardwired Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) options
  • Convenient, plug-in design for easy installation
  • LA Series features piggyback plug to optimize receptacle use

Technical data


Surge Protection
Model Selection Good Good Better Best
LA Series Model: LA-P+ 120 LA-P+240 LA-P-120T ISA 120/240
Part Number: 020-098-24 020-098-25  162-046-10 162-041-10
Operating Voltage: 120 240 120 120/240 3 wire
Nominal Specifications
Clamping Voltage: 150VAC 320VAC 130VAC 150VAC
Protection: L/N/G L1/L2/G L/N/G L/N/G
Energy Absorption (Joules): 210 112 210 960
Surge Current (8/20ms) Up To: 6.5kA 6.5kA 13.5kA 40kA
Response Time: <1Ns <1Ns <5Ns <5Ns
Operating Temperature: -40° to 55°C (-40 to 131°F)
Varistor Voltage@1mA: 240V (216-264) 510V (459-561) 184V N/A
Max. Clamping Voltage: 395@100A 895@100A 340@60A 710@5kA
LED Indicator: Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 The LA Series is designed for use in Alpha power supply enclosures with convenience outlets. These outlets must be protected by an appropriate fuse or circuit breaker.
2 The iSA surge protection devices are factory wired on the load side of the service entrance are available for fi eld replacement. These arrestors should be installed by a licensed electrician.

COAX Protectors
Ideally suited to protect costly status-monitoring transponders, digital set top boxes, cable modems and satellite receivers in the headend as well as high-end HDTV
sets from potentially damaging surges. The patented coaxial gas tube surge protector is equipped with an integral failsafe mechanism. Listed to UL 497, CSA Listed
Certifi ed & Complies with 1999 National Electric Code.

  • Patented In-Line® Coaxial Gas Tube Surge Protection
  • Provide Lightning and Surge Protection for Distribution, Customer Premises and Headend Equipment
  • Improves Broadband Network Reliability and Reduces Service Outages
  • Power Passing
  • Listed to UL 497, CSA Listed Certifi ed & Complies with NEC