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Flexnet MPS 48-7 Series

Flexnet MPS 48-7 Series

MPS48-7F and MPS48-7T 50W 48Vdc Indoor/Outdoor UPS

Flexnet MPS 48-7 Series
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Alpha extends its family of FlexNet element powering solutions to include the MPS48-7F and MPS48-7T multipurpose power supplies. The MPS48-7F supports fi ber-to-the-home applications including MDU, MTU and SBU ONT products. The MPS48-7T supports critical network communication loads. These units are indoor or outdoor, wall or pole mounted microprocessor controlled UPS system providing 50Watts of 48Vdc. The input is powered from 120, 240 or higher AC voltages with an optional step-down transformer. A 48Vdc string of standard 7.2Ah maintenance free sealed lead acid batteries provide standby power. The onboard microprocessor monitors and controls critical functions including temperature compensated battery charge management, periodic battery capacity testing, and local and remote status reporting providing higher service availability. A ruggedized outdoor enclosure protects against rain and lightning, and resists wind and vibration from storms or road traffi c. This power supply is suited for worldwide markets.

  • Rugged 48Vdc 50W wall or pole mount
  • Aesthetically pleasing and minimizes presence in public locations
  • LED local status indicators
  • Temperature compensated battery charging for optimum battery life
  • Optional battery heater provides extended runtimes in cold conditions
  • Local and remote status monitoring and reporting

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Available configurations

FlexNet MPS48-7FVisual with LED's and electrically per PacketCableTM UPS
FlexNet MPS48-7TDry contact, Visual with LED's