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Flexpoint 1230 Series

Flexpoint 1230 Series

1230 Series Indoor 12VDC 30W UPS

Flexpoint 1230 Series
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Alpha extends its FlexPoint family with the addition of the 1230 series, a telecommunications grade optical  network terminal power supply providing 30W of 12Vdc primary and standby power for FTTx actives. The FlexPoint 1230 meets the telecommunications industry’s most stringent requirements for uncontrolled environments while providing an aesthetically pleasing solution for sheltered environmentally uncontrolled residential installations. It includes onboard microprocessor based fi rmware engineered to achieve maximum battery life, system reliability and emergency battery reserve for greater E911 service availability. Unlike other standby power supplies that discharge the battery to the low voltage disconnect point, the FlexPoint 1230 reserves 25 percent battery power, enabling activation for emergency telephone calls in extended power outage situations. Standby power is provided by one 7.2Ah or optional 12Ah battery model. User interfaces include visual status indicators, audible alarm and 24 hour silence button and an auxiliary 12Vdc power input port supporting longer standby runtimes.

  • Telecommunications grade power system provides 30W of 12Vdc primary and
  • standby power for FTTx activities
  • Customer replaceable, hot swappable 7.2Ah or optional 12Ah battery
  • Emergency battery reserve for greater E911 availability
  • Battery management system provides optimum service life and runtime
  • Local visual and audible status indicators and remote alarm interface
  • Coax F-style and packet cable interface options

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Available configurations

FP1230-01A120Vac 3-Conductor NEMA 5-15 Power Cord
FP1230-02B240Vac 3-Conductor Schuko Input Power Cord
FP1230-02C240Vac 3-Conductor United Kingdom Input Power Cord
FP1230-02D240Vac 3-Conductor Australia/New Zealand Input Power Cord
FP1230F-01A120Vac 3-Conductor NEMA 5-15 Power Cord F Connector