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VMX Series

VMX Series

Versatile Mount Standby Power Supply

VMX Series
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Alpha’s VMX Series is a cost effective standby power supply designed for the cable industry. The VMX is an ideal solution for cable operators who need a high quality, very reliable uninterruptible power supply. Features of the VMX include vertical or shelf options, slot for status monitoring card, smart display, terminal block output connections, selectable output taps, external battery temperature probe, built-in chassis handle and replaceable MOV’s.

  • Fifth Generation CableUPS® Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Versatile Mounting Options - Verticle or Shelf
  • Line Interactive Ferro Technology (LIFT)
  • Wide Input Voltage Range of ±30%
  • LCD Smart Display for Simple Operator Interface and Flexible Control
  • Field Programmable Flash Memory
  • Standard Four Output Programmable Interface Module (PIM)
  • Programmable Three Stage and Temperature Compensated 10A Battery Charger

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VMX 615CE 
VMX 622CE-48 
VMX 915E