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Ground Mount UPE

Ground Mount UPE

Outdoor Power System Enclosure

Ground Mount UPE
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Alpha ground mount single power supply enclosures support distributed powering architectures. The power supply is located on the equipment shelf above the batteries for maximum convection cooling, making the enclosure ideal for use in all climates. Each enclosure comes with a removable, lockable door. Standard features include high magnetic circuit breaker, duplex AC receptacle, service power inserter and external coax raceway. The optional Battery Integration Tray (BIT) eliminates the need for sliding battery trays, allows the batteries to be individually wired, improves the wire management for the enclosure, and conveniently stores the AlphaGuard Battery Balancer.

  • Engineered for broadband powering applications
  • All aluminum welded construction and durable powder coat fi nish provides
  • superior corrosion resistance
  • Agency certifi ed to meet applicable industry standards
  • Internal or external SUSE rated service entrance options
  • Optional Battery Integration Tray (BIT) for improved battery installation, battery
  • maintenance, and enclosure wire management
  • Portable generator cabling access door

Variants Technical data


Available configurations


UPE-33 Battery Capacity26W x 33.5H x 15D / 660W x 901H x 381D
UPE-44 Battery Capacity34.5W x 35H x 15D / 876W x 889H x 381D
UPE-66 Battery Capacity26W x 48H x 15D / 660W x 1219H x 381D
UPE-6L6 Battery Capacity26W x 36H x 15D / 882W x 914H x 381D
UPE-88 Battery Capacity34.5W x 45.5H x 15D / 882W x 1136H x 381D