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Nickel Cadmium Alkaline Battery

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Alpha’s Nickel Cadmium Translucent Pocket Plate Batteries are designed and manufactured in three different discharge ranges to provide battery power to support various applications. The KL/P (long discharge rate) batteries are designed for photovoltaic and energy storage applications. The KM/P (medium discharge rate)
batteries provide up to 5 hours of power for switchgear and other industrial applications. The KH/P (high discharge rate) batteries are designed for start up and UPS applications. Each battery is delivered in charged condition filled with electrolyte. Built in accordance with IEC 60 623, EN60 623, and DIN 40 771.

  • High performance nickel cadmium storage battery
  • Three battery ranges designed for different discharge ranges:
  • KH/P Range (High) 1sec to 90min
  • KM/P Range (Medium) 5min to 5hrs
  • KL/P Range (Long) 1 to 10hrs
  • 20 year design life
  • 2 year full warranty