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AlphaCell™ OPzV

AlphaCell™ OPzV

Gel Lead Acid Battery

AlphaCell™ OPzV
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The AlphaCell OPzV battery with the combination of Gel and Tubular technologies is designed specifically for telecommunication applications. The OPzV, with its absorbed electrolyte technology is the most reliable, versatile and cost effective valve regulated battery available on the market today. This long float life and high cycle battery is available in 2 volts ranging from 200 to 3,000 amp-hours. The OPzV requires less space than conventional VRLA batteries and are structurally arranged to eliminate dislodging and slippage caused by vibrations over time.

  • Power range available:
    2 volts from 200 – 3,000Ah
  • Modular unit structure allows for minimal footprint
  • Wide temperature range from -10°C – + 45°C
  • Rugged flame retardant ABS casing to UL94-VO
  • Tubular positive plate design
  • 20 year design life
  • 3 year - 100% full warranty

Technical data

AlphaCell OPzV Feature Summary
AlphaCell OPzV 2 Volt
Standard Warranty: 3 yr full/17 yr prorated
Battery Type: Valve regulated lead acid
Range of Capacity: 200Ah – 3000Ah
Recommended Float Voltage: 2.25VPC @25°C (77°F)
Operating Temperature: 25°C (77°F)
Terminal Type: Threaded Copper Insert
Positive Electrode: Round-grid plate with circular bars available with low
antimony or lead calcium plates.
Negative Electrode: Flat plate with long life expander and available with low
antimony or lead calcium plates.
Separation: Microporous separator
Electrolyte: Sulfuric acid of 1.24 ± 0.01 kg/l at 20°C
Container: High impact, transparent SAN
Lid: SAN in dark grey color
Operational Data
Water refilling interval: More than 3 years at 20°C
IEC 896-1 Cycles: 1000 cycles
Self-discharge: Approx. 3% per month at 20°C
Operational Temperature: -20°C to 55°C, recommended -10°C to 30°C
Ventilation Requirement: f1=0,5 (low-antimony alloy) according VDE 0510 part 2
Measurements According: DIN 40 737 part 3
Tests According: IEC 896-1
Applicable Standards: VDE 0510, part 2
Transport: No dangerous goods during road transport