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IP44 or IP55  Outdoor UPS solution

IP44 or IP55 Outdoor UPS solution

IP44 or IP55  Outdoor UPS solution
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Alpha ATROX 44/55 is a line of rugged UPS power systems used worldwide in the most demanding environments where clean backup power is needed. Designed to perform in the most extreme demanding environments, Alpha ATROX 44/55 ensure equipment in security, communications, traffc, industrial environments and many other critical applications remains safe and protected from power disturbances. Thanks to its powerful programmable battery charger, the ATROX 44/55 is capable of providing the runtime you need. Alpha ATROX 44/55 provides clean uninterrupted backup power in a compact all-in-one IP44/55, keylocked and vandal resistant enclosure. ATROX 44/55 comes along with cycle-proof, deep-discharge-proof and maintenance-free 10-12 years design life GEL batteries.

  • IP44 or IP55 Protection Class
  • Output Power 350, 650, 1100 and 2000 Watts
  • Vandal Resistance Rate IK10
  • High flexibility through standard and customer specifc confgurations
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40 to 74°C suitable for the most extreme operating environments
  • Temperature compensated battery charging protects batteries from overcharging at extreme temperatures, extending the life of the battery
  • External communications via RS-232 port and optional Ethernet SNMP interface (standard for ATROX 55-350) provides local or remote monitoring and control
  • Pole-/Wall Mount Kit (S) or Ground Mount Kit (G) inclusive
  • Active ventilation system (IP55)
  • AC Output distribution on DIN Rail